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Recycle Rare Earth Metals & Exotic Metals

Recycle Rare Earth & Exotic Metals

Rare Earth Metal Processing


We Process, Refine And Recycle All Grades & Shapes Of Rare Earth Metals & Exotic Metals, Used or Unused


Rare Earth Metal & Exotic Metal Shortage!

In the 21st Century no Rare Earth Metals & Exotic Metals has been mined through out the entire world and if there has been any mining done there has not been any substantial amount to affect the market. Since this has happened there has been a large demand for Scrap Rare Earth & Exotic Metals, here at Titan we are able to pay a higher premium then most vendors, because we are able to Refine most of the metal listed below onsite and in larger amounts. We take what was unusable and make it a reusable product.  

Listed Below Are Some Of The Different Type’s Of Rare Earth Metals & Exotic Metals, Please Feel Free To Click On There Names To Find Further Information And Chemistry Of The Metals:

Rare Earth & Exotic Metals:

We Recycle A Wide Variety Of Rare Earth Metals & Exotic Metals In All Types Of Forms And Grades.If You Have Another Type of Form, Series or Grade That Are Not Listed Above, Please Do Not Hesitate Contact Titan For All Your Inquiries.

Prices Vary Depending On The Material Condition, Shape, Size And Grade. The Market Is Constantly Fluctuating So Please Call Us At (312) 576-7330 And Speak To A Member Of The Purchasing Department For The Most Updated Market Price

You Can Click Here To Contact Titan Via-Email And Fill Out The Form And Within 24 Hours The Purchasing Department Will Contact You Back.

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