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Metal Analysis & Testing

 Scrap Metal Analysis & Testing



Titan Scrap Alloy Processing & Recycling Is A Trusted Name In Scrap Metal Analysis

Accurate scrap metal analysis and testing for composition, grade and presence of impurities is a key component of scrap metal recovery and recycling. Titan is a leader in metal analysis and offers scrap metal analysis, metal impurities analysis and scrap metal services around the world. We are well placed to accurately analyze your scrap metals and provide the data you need to ensure your material receive the maximum premium Per LB. or Kilo on the content contained in the metal.


Scrap Metal Sorting

Fast, accurate scrap metal sorting is fundamental to profitability for your scrap metal, With volatile commodity prices, this need has never been more important to you. Advances in scrap sorting technology, pioneered by Thermo Scientific Niton handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers, have revolutionized the way we process and recycle on a daily basis.

Scrap Metal Analysis

Our scrap metal analysis services add value at all stages of the scrap metal recovery industry. We ensure that dealers are able to accurately sort materials of higher and lower value. Our experts also work with processors to provide them with the information they need to monitor the composition of melts, the presence of impurities and control quality output. Our technical scrap metal services include:

  • Metal & Element Identification By X-Ray Fluorescence
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Radiation Level Testing
  • Impurity Identification And Analysis
  • Phase Separation Process Design And Piloting
  • Corrosion And Fatigue Analysis

Commercial Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of commercial support in shipping, inspection and trade analysis. We provide independent, third-party services at the business stage of the scrap metal recovery industry, including:

  • Settlement, party and umpire analysis
  • Quality and quantity verification
  • Supplier evaluation and qualification
  • Inspections of containerized shipments


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